Texas Hog Hunting FAQs

If Texas Helicopter Hog Hunting is something you’ve never done before, you probably have a lot of questions… That’s what we expect. HeliBacon wants to give you everything you need to succeed on the wildest adventure of your life!

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  • What are we able to shoot from the helicopter?
    • The state only allows for feral hogs and coyotes to be taken by a paying hunter from the aircraft.
  • What are the requirements for me to go on a helicopter hog hunt?
    • You will need to have a valid Texas hunting license, 5 day licenses can be purchased from the Texas Parks & Wildlife website. Not be a convicted felon or have any other restriction that prohibits you from possessing a firearm. Sign a release form with HeliBacon, and the landowner. Must not exceed aircraft seat weight limitation of 300 pounds.
  • Can I use my own gun?
    • HeliBacon will provide all firearms and ammunition. In order to satisfy insurance requirements, and for maximum safety, HeliBacon does not permit client to use their own firearms while participating in any HeliBacon events, including Helicopter Hog Hunting, Night Vision Hog Hunt, and shooting range experiences. Use of client owned firearms are prohibited while on any HeliBacon premises, including privately owned farmland and ranchland.
  • What if I don’t have my own gun?
    • No Problem. HeliBacon’s Helicopter Hog Hunting Packages come standard with a fully outfitted semi-automatic AR-15 and unlimited ammo.
  • Will ammo be provided for my hunt?
    • Yes. The standard hunt package includes a fully outfitted semi-automatic AR-15 with unlimited ammo. Upgrading to a fully-automatic AR-15 machine gun is available and also includes unlimited ammo. When the pilot clears you to fire, squeeze the trigger, do a full auto mag dump into the feral hog, then reload and keep going. We’ll keep the ammo supplied, you focus on aiming true and shooting straight.
  • Do we have insurance?
    • Yes, we are fully insured for this type of commercial operation.
  • Is this considered to be like any other sport hunt?
    • No, sport hunting from an aircraft is a violation of both federal and state law. You are participating in a depredation program to help with the over abundance of feral hogs.
  • Will we recover all of the hogs we shoot?
    • HeliBacon can frequently gather up some of the hogs for a trophy picture in the field. Some hogs will be inaccessible in the crops or too far out for ground crews to reach. After the picture, they become vulture food, as nature will take its course, and the hogs are normally gone in 12 – 48 hours.
  • Are we able to hunt year round, anytime?
    • Texas Parks and Wildlife permits hunting feral hogs year round, by any means necessary, any time of day. Helicopter Hog Hunting is restricted to 30 minutes before official sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset. HeliBacon’s chooses not to hunt during deer season, which in Texas, runs from the beginning of November until mid-January. We don’t want to fly and shoot when there may be humans in the deer stands. However, from November to mid-January, we can still operate our Aerial Machine Gun Range and deliver ground-based Machine Gun Parties.
  • Should I tip the crew?
    • Pilots, ground crew and hunting guides appreciate gratuities. These folks work hard to ensure your experience is unforgettable. Like a restaurant, good tipping for good service is greatly appreciated. A tip of 10% of the total hunt price is customary and HeliBacon’s policy is to share tips equally among all crew involved in service delivery.
  • What should I wear?
    • Closed toed shoes, and pants; weather will mostly dictate what you wear. More often than not a t-shirt will be sufficient, as Texas summers can be very hot! It is also a good idea to bring a pair of sunglasses and a jacket with you. During winter months, warm layers and even shooting gloves are recommended. If you participate in a Night Vision Hog Hunt as well, the guide strongly recommends a pair of rubber mud boots.
  • Do I have to attend a safety program before I go on a hunt?
    • Our mandatory safety program is included with your hunt at no additional cost. It takes place the evening before your hunt, or in certain circumstances, the morning of your hunt. At the safety course, we’ll sign the release of liability, verify the hunting license, and then head over to the aircraft for combined firearms and helicopter safety training. We will go over all of the key safety topics and procedures that will be performed during the hunt. We also discuss how to be the most effective on your hunt during this time. The HeliBacon team has an extensive background in teaching aerial hunting safety and will teach you to be as safe as possible in the helicopter. The safety course is usually 1.5 hours, provides plenty of time to ask questions and get comfortable with the upcoming hunting activities. The safety course is mandatory for all participants.
  • What if there is bad weather on the day of my hunt?
    • Unfortunately, we don’t control the weather. Our practice is to review the weather forecast a few days before the event date, and contact the client in the event of forecasted poor weather. Events that are cancelled due to weather are rescheduled to the nearest available date that is convenient for all parties. The official terms and conditions are “All sales are final. Flights that cannot be conducted due to inclement weather or aircraft maintenance will be rescheduled to the nearest available date. No refunds will be given.”
  • How far in advance should I schedule my hunt?
    • It is an open schedule, and first come first serve. We will do our best to accommodate your event date. Payment is required to officially reserve a spot on the calendar.
  • What type of aircraft will we be flying in?
    • We use the Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter for our depredation program. This aircraft is agile, nimble, and highly effective for this operation. It features a Rolls Royce RR300 Turbine engine designed specifically for this helicopter. HeliBacon’s R66 is a 2013 year model ship, making it the newest turbine helicopter operated by any Helicopter Hog Hunting company.
  • How many people can hunt at a time?
    • We fly with 2 shooters at a time, both firing out of the left side of the aircraft. We also have the capacity for a 3rd person, seated behind the pilot, flying as a non-shooting observer. With that said, we frequently entertain large groups, and provide many other forms of entertainment for additional guests awaiting their turn at our exclusive lodge. This includes Ground Machine Gun shooting for folks who are awaiting their turn in the helicopter.
  • How many hogs can I kill?
    • There is no bag limit on how many you can kill; this is a depredation hunt not a sport hunt. How many can we find? The typical pair of hunters kills around a dozen hogs in a two hour flight time. Additional flight time is available. Feral hogs are a social animal, and we do occasionally find them in very large groups of 60+ although that doesn’t happen every time.


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