Experience the Thrill of Hog Hunting in Texas

The morning of the hunt does not start like any other day. The safety course is scheduled an hour before dawn, but you’re already wide awake. Shutting off the alarm, images of the day are nearly unimaginable as the adventure is completely new. The safety course is a breeze, but you mentally review the instructions given by the pilot and crew chief and remember to stay calm as the helicopter lifts off the ground. The sound of the rushing wind and the steady beating of the rotor blades put you in an almost meditative state. Arriving over the first property, the aircraft pitches aft slows and descends to hunting altitude. The time is near for you to load your machine gun. Reminding yourself before you pull the trigger the first time, put the dot on the target and squeeze. The pilot says loudly through the headset, “Clear to fire.” You steady the rifle and aim, your target in the center. BANG! The hogs begin to drop. You quickly realize you’re out of ammo. Hands trembling with excitement as the remainder of the hogs run for cover. Reload the machine gun and engage! This is the coolest thing ever!

Sound exciting? It is! HeliBacon offers unforgettable helicopter hog hunting expeditions for private groups and corporate events. Discover the Texas hog hunting experience, arsenal, night hunts, and more…

Why Choose HeliBacon for Helicopter Hog Hunting?

We offer the most memorable machine gun shooting experiences and helicopter hog hunts in Texas. Whether with family and friends or as a corporate outing, HeliBacon is sure to impress.

  • Fully licensed
  • Fully insured
  • Free firearms training
  • All-inclusive planned trips available
  • Full-auto machine guns
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Texas Hog Hunting Experiences

Make memories that will last a lifetime in the heart of Texas. We offer the perfect experiences for pro hunters seeking an adrenaline kick or beginners eager to get the blood pumping.

Hog Hunting

Picture this: buzzing droves of hogs just 15 feet off the ground at highway speeds. We provide the gear, and you bring the trigger finger. Your adventure starts before dawn with a thorough safety course. It’s game on at sunrise as you soar above prime Texas ranchland – get ready to hunt!

Why not take it to the next level? With our full-auto machine gun upgrade, you’ll have access to an arsenal of full-auto machine guns. Choose from select-fire submachine guns, carbines, and battle rifles for your Texas helicopter hog hunting trip and unleash a storm of firepower from above. 

Night Vision
Hog Hunting

If the cover of darkness beckons, delve into the world of night vision hog hunting. With high-tech infrared and thermal gear, you’ll hunt your prey at night. 

From quick safety rundowns to getting you comfy with the gear, we’ve got it covered. That means you can kick back, relax, and dive headfirst into the excitement of the hunt!

Machine Gun Range Experience

Seeking a different kind of thrill? HeliBacon’s machine gun range experience allows freedom to ring in the Lone Star State. 

From the iconic M134 Minigun to the earth-shaking “Ma Deuce” .50 caliber machine gun, guests are invited to fire away with an impressive arsenal of firearms. Perfect for bachelor parties, corporate outings, or a day of fun, we promise memories that will last a lifetime.

HeliBacon guarantees an experience like no other, whatever adventure you choose. So why wait? Book your hog hunting trip in Texas today with HeliBacon.

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Safety Is Our Priority

Safety is HeliBacon’s most important core value. We conduct a mandatory safety course for everyone who hunts and shoots with us. We discuss and demonstrate firearm safety, safe operations in and around a helicopter, the unique aspects of using a firearm to shoot from a moving helicopter, 360 degree awareness, communication procedures and commands, and many other topics. The result of HeliBacon’s focus on safety is an injury-free track record. HeliBacon history of safe operations is extremely important to us. You may be asking – “Do I need years of firearms experience in order to be safe while helicopter hog hunting?” Actually no. Instead, these three things are required: humility, a willingness to listen and learn, and a positive attitude that focuses on safety. If you bring those with you, we’ll provide the information, education, and oversight, to ensure a safe operation for all. We are passionate about flying and shooting, but safety always comes first. Always.

Learn more about the steps we take to ensure a safe excursion for all.

Ready To Go Hog Hunting in Texas?

Shoot machine guns from above as you track and hunt feral hogs in the Texas landscape. Whether you’re planning a private group outing or a corporate event, HeliBacon guarantees an unforgettable adventure. 

Don’t miss out – contact us now to reserve your spot and create lasting memories!