Press Information

We have the knowledge. We have the guns. YOU have the curiosity…

We’re proud of what we do for our Texas farmers and find joy in educating guests during their once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

With this attitude in mind, HeliBacon works to maximize journalists’ visits with a hands-on approach and creative expeditions.

Attend fly-along rides for the full experience. Capture kickass photo and video to enhance your story. Learn our history – we’re not shy about sharing our passion!

Not able to visit? Need visuals for a written article? Check out our media assets to make your story unforgettable.

Visit our resources below and call 877-889-7009 to discuss your needs!

Field office for service delivery, safety courses, and Helicopter Hog Hunting:
6120 East State Hwy 21
Bryan, Texas 77808

Corporate office for billing, payments, and all other inquires:
1208 North Post Oak Rd Suite 190
Houston, TX 77055