About The HeliBacon Team

HeliBacon’s dedicated team works incredibly hard to ensure you have the time of your life hog hunting in Texas! From preparing the helicopter, hauling the gear, and cleaning firearms, the skilled staff achieves the highest standards to ensure that every aspect of your experience is handled with the utmost care. Your satisfaction is our goal, and everyone’s safety is our mission.


Chris Britt

CEO / Co-Founder

When Texas HB 716, authorizing commercial depredation of feral hogs from helicopters, was signed into law, it presented a unique opportunity. As a lifelong enthusiast of firearms and helicopters, Chris Britt joined forces with Chase Roberts in October of 2012 to start HeliBacon. “Helicopter Hog Hunting! That sounds awesome. I would pay to do that. I bet other people would too. There is a real opportunity here!”

What Chris loves most about HeliBacon: “It’s so much cool in one package. It’s an educational and entertaining adventure, featuring machine guns and helicopters, while still being truly beneficial to the economy and environment. What we do is important. Our clients are awesome people, we have great relationships with our landowners, and my business partner Chase is top notch. This is one of those dream businesses where you can really love your work. Let’s go fly!”

Chris is an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer and an entrepreneur at heart. Having run and owned several businesses in the Houston area, Chris’ primary responsibilities to HeliBacon are behind the scenes: marketing, back office, accounting, PR, finances and more.

Chase Roberts

Co-Founder/ Chief Pilot/ Firearm Specialist

In October of 2012, Chase Roberts recognized he had a unique opportunity to partner with Chris Britt and ensure he could do something he loved for the rest of his life. Fascinated with firearms and fanatical about aviation, Chase was born for the role he fills at HeliBacon. As a Co-Founder, Chase’s roles touch just about every aspect of the business – if it’s outside the office Chase gets it done.

What Chase loves most about HeliBacon: “Usually people don’t get to see a firearm go from conception, through to the end of its life, but here they’re being used so much that it’s a lot of what I like most about my job. When things require maintenance or we need a new gun for the arsenal, I’m tasked with the challenge. I grew up a problem solver. Sometimes, it can be a pain, but I love it.”

Chase has been flying helicopters since 2010 and is a walking encyclopedia of virtually every bit of firearm and helicopter information. He is expertly trained in low-level flying and is highly experienced in the art of helicopter hog hunting. Chase’s skill behind the flight controls make clients feel like the aircraft is a natural extension of his body. He’s the man who builds the guns, maintains the equipment, and pilots the excursions. He is HeliBacon’s workhorse.