Group Packages

HeliBacon specializes in planning, organizing, and hosting custom machine gun parties and hunting trips.

Machine Gun Safety is our Priority

HeliBacon has been checkin’ off boxes on gun enthusiasts’ bucket lists, from hundreds of feet in the air since 2012. As always, though, safety comes first. Our CEO and co-founder, Chris Britt, has received NRA certification as a Chief Range Safety Officer and used his experience to help design the safety courses, shooting experience packages, courses of fire, and range setup/layout. Everything HeliBacon does, has safety in mind. Every event is preceded by a safety course and every guest receives basic firearm safety training. Learn more about HeliBacon’s focus on safety.

Group Packages

The expansive, mesmerizing, and historic landscape of the College Station area offers us a wealth of activities and outings that can be organized for any group with an interest in the shooting, hunting, and the outdoors.

All of our core services can be mixed and matched, resulting in a ton of different combinations to account for your unique experience… Take your pick!

  Select from the above to build an a’la carte custom event, or select one of the special packages below.

“The Works”

The Ultimate Outing

HeliBacon is no stranger to accommodating corporate parties and organized events. We routinely put together comprehensive and unique experiences to alleviate all the planning. Our aim is to make this as easy as possible for our clients.

“The Works” is a comprehensive HeliBacon expedition sure to please all shooting, hunting, and outdoor enthusiast by giving everyone an opportunity to check off bucket list items and kick back with their team – “Texas style.”

This package is built for:

  • Groups of 2-8 guests
  • 2 hours Helicopter Hog Hunting per guest
  • Ground Machine Gun Range Experience for everyone
  • A Night Vision and Thermal Guided Ground Hog Hunt
  • Shotgun Sporting Clays friendly competition
  • Lodging & meals for 2-3 nights for 2-8 people
  • Upgrades include full auto M16s and video recording

The Works package is comprehensive for groups of 2-8. We dedicate 2-3 days on the calendar exclusively for your event. This is typically a Thursday evening safety course with hunting and fun Friday through Sunday. Contact us today, mention “The Works” and rest easy knowing we’ve taken care of everything.

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“La Gran Reunión”

Fun For The Group

Sharing quality time together and engaging in friendly competition brings people together. HeliBacon has built “La Gran Reunión” package to do just that. This package is best suited for 12-30 people and is a great way to bring the troops together.

Get everyone’s blood pumping while shooting M16s from helicopters! Light up the range with our full arsenal of machine guns on our ground machine gun range while blowing clay birds out of the sky, and kick back with a catered lunch of Texas BBQ. Scored targets and prizes for the top shot are also available for those looking to claim numero uno. If you’re looking to entertain corporate clients, throw a killer bachelor party or simply spend some quality time with the crew – let us plan your afternoon for you. Contact us day, and let the reunion begin!

“La Gran Reunion” takes place from 9:00am until approximately 1:00pm. This is a target shooting package featuring shooting machine guns from the helicopter, machine guns and submachine guns on the ground, shotguns, suppressed short barrel rifles, scored targets and prizes, plus a catered lunch. This is not a hunting package.

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Corporate Accounts and Seasonal Trips

We know how annual budgeting works and we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. Call us today and ask about arranging reservations in advance for your team. Custom shooting packages and accommodations can be arranged to repeat on an annual basis, leaving all the planning and organization up to us. All you need to do is get here!

Contact us today and let us build you a custom event that is sure to please!

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The Works

Price $4,895 per person (2-8 people)

Helicopter Hog Hunting – 2 hours of flight time per person
Lodging with meals – dinner and breakfast for 2-8 people
Aerial Machine Gun Upgrades – shoot an M16 from the helicopterer
Ground Machine Gun Package – full auto fun from a variety of firearms
Night Vision and Thermal Guided Ground Hog Hunt
Clay Shotgun Range – friendly competition
Video Service – record the helicopter hog hunt

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La Gran Reunion

Price $17,995 (12 person package)

Additional people $1,295 each (maximum 30 people total)
Aerial Machine Gun Range with scored targets
Clay Shotgun Range
Catered Lunch – Texas BBQ
Prizes for winning shooter

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Aerial Machine Gun Range
GET AIRBORNE! Check out our aerial machine gun range.

Helicopter Hog Hunt
Want to try your hand at a moving target?

Night Vision Hog Hunting
Hog Hunting with infrared/thermal in pitch black darkness.

Ground Machine Gun Range
Treat yourself to our arsenal with your very own machine gun party!

Helicopter Tours
Take in the beauty of Texas from a breathtaking vantage point.

Lodging and Amenities
Need lodging, travel solutions, and more? We can get you settled.

Texas helicopter hog hunting graphic

An amazing experience for anyone. Very professional, well organized and a lot of fun. I look forward to coming back and having just as much fun. Thanks so much guys for a fantastic experience.

~ Nate P.