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HeliBacon stands with charities and loves to support those in need. Partner with us to help make your fund raising a success.

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HeliBacon Supports Charities Worldwide

Since HeliBacon was founded in 2012 we have been honored to partner with charities to raise funds for a wide variety of causes and organizations. HeliBacon’s Helicopter Hog Hunts are featured at live and silent auctions. HeliBacon is also frequently invited to speak at gala dinners and receptions to discuss helicopter hog hunting and our other services in connection with fundraising efforts.

Our familiarity with Nonprofits, our standard charity auction packages, and the procedures we follow for coordinating with winning bidders ensure HeliBacon expeditions are a success year after year. Tour our site to learn about our services and then contact us to get more details about partnering with us.

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Aerial Machine Gun Range
GET AIRBORNE! Check out our aerial machine gun range.

Helicopter Hog Hunt
Love the experience and want to try your hand at a moving target?

Night Vision Shooting Experience
Shoot firearms with infrared/thermal in pitch black darkness. Ask for details.

Ground Machine Gun Range
Treat yourself to our arsenal with your very own machine gun party!

THe HeliBacon Arsenal
Belt-Fed Machine Guns, Battle Rifles, Carbines, SMGs, Machine Pistols, and Shotguns.

Lodging and Amenities
Need lodging, travel solutions, and more? We can get you settled. Ask for details.

Requirements and Benefits

Our unique packages offer your charity the opportunity to provide nature lovers and adrenaline junkies alike an experience they can not refuse!

HeliBacon offers to following fundraising benefits:

  • Discounted helicopter hog hunting packages and other shooting experiences below market prices – charities keep the spread between cost and winning bid
  • No payment unless packages are auctioned successfully (98% success rate at minimum bid price or higher) – no financial risk to charity
  • Charities only pay HeliBacon after winning bidders have paid the charity – no negative cash flow impact
  • HeliBacon’s helicopter hog hunts are a wildly popular auction items and draw large crowds – more people means more overall total bidders and higher fundraising across the board
  • Media package ready for download – use our pictures and videos to help you market your event
  • Years of successful experience with happy winning bidders and repeat charity auctions – the proof is in the results!

Must be a 501(c)(3) or equivalent organization if domiciled in the United States and provide documented verification. International organizations must provide similar documentation. Please contact us with any questions.

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Our Media Package

Please feel free to use our pictures and videos to market your event and help generate enthusiasm. The following media is HeliBacon proprietary content which is hereby licensed for use by authorized 501(c)(3) or equivalent entities for the purpose of financial fundraising to charitable organizations and causes. Anything we can do to bring more people to your event makes this a win-win for both of us. Keep in mind that HeliBacon donates all of the profits from our services to the charitable cause and the only benefit to HeliBacon is the marketing exposure. Therefore, we ask that the event use HeliBacon’s name, and for use of the charity’s logo here on this page. If you can help us by linking back to on the charity’s website and by providing a testimonial, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Media Package

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