Helicopter Hog Hunting Video Services

Come take the trip of a lifetime – and get it on video!

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Hog Hunting Videos via go pro 3
Hog Hunting Videos via go pro 2
Hog Hunting Videos via go pro

Record Your Hunt – Capture the Action!

Helicopter Hog hunting is on everyone’s bucket list, so make sure it’s something you can relive whenever you like, in the comfort of your home. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture it all on video so you can give your friends and family the post hunt play-by-play; whether it be from the helicopter, in night vision or with a professionally edited video. HeliBacon’s video service offers guests the chance to record helicopter hog hunts in 1080p high definition from every angle. We strategically place mounts on multiple points of the aircraft and on top of your rifle, allowing us to capture the best possible vantage points of your hunt.

Footage From Every Angle

Want to get creative and edit your own highlight reel? HeliBacon will collect and deliver the raw, unedited video of your hunt on an external hard drive. Splice the footage together yourself as you see fit and share your story with your friends.

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Video of Your Night Vision Hunt

Take the sweet video package above and apply it to your night vision hog hunt! We’re able to capture video footage both in thermal and infrared vision. Make sure you leave the hunting grounds able to show your kill shots in night vision to your friends!

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Professionally Edited Highlight Video

Let us help you tell the story of your adventure with a professionally edited video. Our team will take the footage from your hunt and create a custom video summary for you to share, that cuts straight to the action.The completed video and original video files will be loaded onto an external hard drive and delivered.

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Get Yourself Some Additional Copies!

If one copy of your video footage from you helicopter hog hunting experience isn’t enough, don’t sweat it. We have you covered! Share your experience with everyone you know by supplying them with a copy of your hunt with an additional hard drive or copy. Impress your friends, family or clients by showing off your amazing expedition. Maybe it’ll convince them to join you next time!

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Raw Footage Package

  • Multiple cameras mounted on the aircraft and rifle
  • All footage copied to portable hard drive
  • Shipped to your location
  • Price is per 2 person 2 hour hunt


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Professionally Edited Package

  • Everything in the Raw Footage Package
  • Professionally edited highlight reel (1 to 2 minutes)
  • 3D animated HeliBacon intro and outro
  • Takeoff and landing footage from an additional camera
  • Ready to share on social media
  • Price is per 2 person 2 hour hunt

$+495 (in addition to Raw Footage Package)

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Night Vision Video Package

  • All footage in both infrared and thermal vision
  • All raw footage uploaded to personal hard drive
  • HD shipped to your location
  • Price is per 2 person night vision hunting experience


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Additional Hard Drives/Footage

  • Everything in the Raw Footage Package or Professional Edit
  • Any amount of additional hard drives ($195 per)
  • All footage copied over and shipped to your doorstep!
  • Call us up after your hunt, keep it a secret and give it to your hunting partner as a gift

$195 (per hard drive)

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