Helicopter Hog Hunting Video Services

Come take the trip of a lifetime – and get it on video!

Video Recording

$ 495
per day
  • Multiple cameras, 2 on each side of the aircraft
  • All footage copied to portable hard drive
  • Shipped to your location
  • Price is per day of helicopter hog hunting

Record Your Hunt – Capture the Action!

Helicopter hog hunting in Texas is on everyone’s bucket list, so make sure it’s something you can relive whenever you like, in the comfort of your home. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture it all on video so you can give your friends and family the post hunt play-by-play. HeliBacon’s video service records hunts in high resolution from multiple angles with multiple cameras on both sides of the aircraft. We strategically place mounts on the aircraft allowing us to capture both the gunner’s field of view and the action inside the aircraft for the best possible vantage points of your hunt.

Footage From Every Angle

HeliBacon records the flights with four cameras, two on each side of the aircraft. The first pair of cameras are mounted on top of the fuselage, overlooking the gunner’s field of view on each side of the aircraft, capturing all the action with a wide angle view. The second pair of cameras are mounted inside the cabin on each side of the aircraft, and capture shots of the gunner’s loading, reloading and getting in on all the action. With options to bring an additional personal camera, HeliBacon’s Video Package is the most popular upgrade for the helicopter hog hunt of a lifetime!

Bring Your Own Camera

Many clients enjoy bringing a personal GoPro and using a head or chest mount to capture even more footage and angles. There is no cost to bring your own camera and we encourage this. You will need to supply your own mounting system for your camera and remember to bring enough batteries and memory cards for a couple hours of flight time.

Upgrade Your Texas Hog Hunt!

Ground machine gun icon

Machine Guns

Shoot awesome machine guns while you’re here.

AR-15 machine gun icon

Full Auto

Add full auto machine guns to your Aerial Hog Hunt!

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Night Vision

Hog Hunting with infrared/thermal in pitch darkness.