Texas Night Vision & Thermal Hog Hunting

Looking for more fun while you’re here? Let’s get the coffee going, fire up the night vision and keep the good times rolling!

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We Do it in the Dark

Yes, this is real life… we hunt packs of wild boars on foot and from moving vehicles with night vision goggles, thermal scopes, infrared laser sights, and suppressed firearm systems.

Just let that sink in for a minute…

Schedule an over-night hog hunt with us and all gear is provided (night vision, thermals, firearms, and ammo). All you have to do is get here with a pair of boots and dark clothing.

Infrared Vision

Thermal Vision

What HeliBacon Provides…

  • Gen 3 PVS14 Night Vision Monoculars and PVS7 Night Vision Binoculars
  • Trijicon REAP-IR 35mm thermal rifle scopes
  • Custom built AR platform rifles chambered in 7.62×39
  • Silencers/Suppressors
  • Offroad vehicles equipped with night vision headlights and  floodlights
  • One hell of a good walk in the dark

We will meet with you at about 7:30 pm for a safety briefing and to run through a few drills prior to departing for the 5 hour hunt. From there, we have primary hog country open for our hunts – and we know where all the honey pots are.

For safety sake, we will work in groups of 3-4 shooters at a time. Reconnaissance is made easy with the Trijicon REAP-IR 35mm thermal rifle scopes. We can effectively scan 750 yards out in 360 degree radius in about 5 seconds. After hogs are located, we will use our vehicles to get to the general area of the sounder before continuing our approach on foot. If the wind is in our face and you stay quiet, we frequently get within 20-30 yards, in complete stealth before firing the first shot.

This IS NOT hunting from ground blinds or tree stands and shooting at baited hogs or captive animals. This hunt involves spotting and stalking packs of feral hogs roaming unkempt terrain in the pitch black darkness with Night Vision. Be prepared to walk in rough uneven conditions and stay out until 1:30 in the morning. This is the real deal.

Trijicon REAP-IR 35mm Thermal Rifle Scopes

Group outings and corporate parties  are Helibacon’s specialty. With an expansive array of helicopter experiences and machine gun packages to keep your entire party entertained all week, you can rely on our corporate hunting trips to make your time off well worth it. With our help organizing the details, your group can spend the day slinging lead down range with any of our available firearms. Enjoy skeet shooting, fishing, and take in all the comforts of southern hospitality as you relax at our fully stocked ranch house.

PVS7 Night Vision Goggles

Thanks to the passing of HB 716, Helibacon may provide local, out-of-state, and international guests the means to hunt and kill feral hogs from a helicopter. These wild pigs have been ruled a threat to the environment, and we invite you to take part in preserving our beautiful state. With that said, please remember that we hunt on active farms and ranches, so it is very important that we respect the land, our neighbors, and their property at all times.

PVS14 Night Vision Monocular

A valid Texas hunting license is required to participate in the Helicopter Hog Hunting program. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department lists the various hunting licenses available online. Texas residents require at least the Type 101 Resident Hunting License, and out-of-state or international clients require at least the Type 157 Non-resident 5-Day Special Hunting license. If you intend to do additional fishing, bird hunting, deer hunting or exotic hunting while you are in Texas, that may require a different type of license. To save time, purchase your Texas Hunting License online before you arrive. YOU MUST BRING YOUR LICENSE WITH YOU. IT MUST BE IN YOUR POSSESSION, ON YOUR PERSON, WHILE YOU ARE IN THE HELICOPTER. NO EXCEPTIONS. HeliBacon is required to document your hunting license number for our mandatory Texas Parks and Wildlife record keeping. If you do not bring your hunting license with you, we will require that you purchase another one before we will take you flying.

HeliBacon  |  888-505-2981  |  6120 E. State Hwy 21  |  Bryan, Texas 77808

Helicopter Hog Hunting Package

$695 per person (minimum 2 people & maximum 4 people per night)

  • Safety course,
  • Semi-auto gun rental & unlimited ammunition
  • All equipment provided

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