Machine Gun Upgrade

Do you want to turn up the heat? Put some “bacon on your burger”? How ‘bout adding full auto machine guns to your Aerial Hog Hunt?!

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Let Freedom Ring!

All Helicopter Hog Hunters are provided with a semi-automatic AR platform rifle and unlimited ammunition. Those looking to bring the noise, can upgrade their hunt with a full auto machine gun and unlimited ammo for $395 a person. Once you see the pigs – full auto mag dump, reload and keep going!

Check out our fully automatic M16s available for your Helicopter Hog Hunt!

Ask us about full auto upgrades – there is no better way to get the full Texas experience!

Gim'me Some Of That!

Machine Gun Upgrade

  • 1 Fully Automatic M16 Machine Gun
  • Unlimited Ammunition
  • 1 Hell of a Good Time

 $495 per person

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