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Aerial Machine Gun Range

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Let’s fire up the bird let ’er rip! HeliBacon’s aerial machine gun range events are perfectly suited for 2-12 people. This is the ultimate helicopter shooting event, with the M134 Minigun, M240D and M60D pintle-mounted belt-fed machine guns fired during multiple strafing runs. Your entire party will be smiling from ear to ear.

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Shooting Machine Guns from Helicopters

HeliBacon is proud to offer one of the most unique shooting packages in the world. A cleared target area, below the treetops, and lined with vehicles as simulated targets provide the world’s most awesome, civilian accessible, aerial gunnery course. For corporate events, team-building exercises, bachelor parties, and more, the aerial machine gun package is designed for group fun. The event takes place in a single day and includes multiple strafing runs with the M134 Minigun and either the M240D or M60D pintle-mounted belt-fed systems. If you’re looking for the ultimate experience to entertain that special group, congratulations, you found it!

Clients will perform a strafing run with the M134 Minigun and a second strafing run with either the M240D or M60D firearms. Additional seats allow two guests to ride along as observers during the runs. Groups rotate between the firing positions and observer positions.

Helicopter Aerial Machine Gun Parties

There are several key differences between the Helicopter Hog Hunting Package and this Aerial Machine Gun Range Package:

  • The Aerial Machine Gun Range Experience is a target shooting exercise, not a hunting expedition
  • Package is designed to entertain groups of 2-12 in a single day
  • The Ground Machine Gun Range Experience is an excellent optional add-on for larger groups, to keep the action going with multiple shooting stations
  • M134 Minigun and M2 ‘Ma Deuce’ in 50 BMG available as optional add-ons for the ground shooting option above

Safety First – Always

Our crew chiefs and range safety officers are prepared to train and oversee your party before and during your aerial machine gun experience. Previous firearms experience is not required in order to participate. What is required? Humility, the willingness to listen and learn, and an attitude that focuses on safety are all mandatory. Learn more about HeliBacon’s focus on safety.

This is a guided aerial range experience. Clients are NOT PERMITTED to bring their own firearms or conduct any shooting exercises EXCEPT for the activities which are guided and overseen by HeliBacon crew chiefs and range safety officers using HeliBacon provided equipment and ammunition. Nearby public shooting ranges are able to accommodate clients who wish to use their own firearms for separate shooting experiences.

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Aerial Machine Gun Range Package

$7,995 per person (min 2 people, max 12 people)

Aerial Machine Gun Range Experience

  • 1 strafing run with the M134 Minigun – 1,200 rounds of ammunition
  • 1 strafing run with the M240D or M60D – 400 rounds of ammunition
  • 2 observer seats available for party members to fly along during subsequent strafing runs
  • *Includes mandatory safety course*

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We have hunted with Helibacon twice. Both times have been exceptional. Very professional. The pilot Chase is a master at his trade. He put us on hogs and always gave us the best opportunity for success. Both trips were very successful. We will be back!!

~ Steve G.