Aerial Machine Gun Range

Let’s fire up the bird let ’er rip! Our aerial machine gun packages are perfectly suited for groups of 4-30 people. Shoot multiple machine guns at targets, from the helicopter and on the ground. Your entire party will be smiling from ear to ear.

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Shooting Machine Guns from Helicopters

HeliBacon is proud to offer one of the most unique shooting packages in the world. For corporate events, team building exercises, bachelor parties, and more, the aerial machine gun package is designed for group fun. Experience historic and iconic machine guns such as the M16, AK-47 and Browning 1919 or modern machine guns like the H&K MP5 and full auto Glock 18. The whole event takes place in the morning, starting with the safety brief, and giving the whole party turns to shoot a variety of machine guns at targets, both on the ground and in the air. If you’re looking for the unique package to entertain that special group, congratulations, you found it!

Helicopter Machine Gun Parties

There are several key differences between the Helicopter Hog Hunting Package and this Aerial Machine Gun Range Package:

  • This package is designed to entertain groups of 4-30
  • This package includes a large variety of machine guns
  • This package is shooting targets, not live animals
  • The cost per person is significantly less than the Helicopter Hog Hunting packages (as less flight time per person is required for a successful event)
  • Includes scored targets to add a competitive element to the event
  • This event typically takes place in the morning, then groups visit one of many nearby fine restaurants to eat, relax, and revel in the glory, while continuing the group bonding experience

Helicopter Shooting Challenges with Scored Targets

Feeling competitive? Compare scored targets with your buddies and claim your bragging rights. After practice, the last magazine dumps from the M16 will be fired from the helicopter at a fresh silhouette paper target. Each shooter gets their own target to keep and take home. Count the hits and tally the total. This competition is the perfect opportunity to recognize top shooters and award prizes.

The scored targets element features three full auto M16 magazine fired from the helicopter, at one fresh paper silhouette target for each shooter to keep. HeliBacon range officers will change out targets. Scoring and awarding prizes are the responsibility of the event organizer.

Safety First – Always

Our range safety officers are prepared to train and oversee your party before and during your aerial machine gun experience. Previous firearms experience is not required in order to participate. What is required? Humility, the willingness to listen and learn, and an attitude that focuses on safety are all mandatory. Learn more about HeliBacon’s focus on safety.

This is a guided range experience. Clients are NOT PERMITTED to bring their own firearms or conduct any shooting exercises EXCEPT for the activities which are guided and overseen by HeliBacon range safety officers using HeliBacon provided equipment and ammunition. There are nearby public shooting ranges which are able to accommodate customers who wish to bring their own firearms for separate shooting experiences. Ask us for details.

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Aerial Machine Gun Range Package

$1,295 per person (min 4 people, max 30 people)

Fire three magazines from the helicopter:

  • Full Auto M-16 Rifle

Fire 10 total magazines from any of the following on the ground:

  • Full Auto AK-47 Rifle
  • Full Auto MP5 Submachine Gun
  • Full Auto Glock Machine Pistol
  • Full Auto Thompson Submachine Gun
  • Full Auto Uzi Submachine Gun
  • Full Auto PPSH41 submachine gun
  • Full Auto SCAR 17 Rifle
  • Full Auto UMP 45 submachine gun
  • Full Auto M2 Carbine
  • Full Auto FN FAL

Fire three 100 round belt from any of the following on the ground:

  • Full Auto Browning M1919 (Tripod-Mounted)
  • Full Auto HK21
  • Full Auto RPD
  • Full Auto M249
  • Full Auto M240

Scored targets

  • One scored target per shooter

300lbs weight limit per passenger

Max 2 shooters + 1 observer per rotation

*Includes mandatory safety course*

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Texas helicopter hog hunting graphic

We have hunted with Helibacon twice. Both times have been exceptional. Very professional. The pilot Chase is a master at his trade. He put us on hogs and always gave us the best opportunity for success. Both trips were very successful. We will be back!!

~ Steve G.