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Helicopter Tours of Texas

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What better way is there to see Texas than from the air? You might not know it, but HeliBacon does more than just hog hunting. We also rent out our helicopter for a huge variety of other uses including tours, golf ball drops, Easter egg drops, proposal and wedding flights, video shoots, and even aerial inspections or surveys.

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Texas A&M College Station Helicopter Tours

Our pilots fly all over central Texas – sometimes for work and sometimes for play. One of our most popular services is a helicopter tour of Texas A&M and the College Station area. Tours start and end at our home base, Coulter Airfield, and we can pass over College Station and the Texas A&M campus en route to viewing the beautiful Texas countryside. The controlled airspace around the campus does not permit us to loiter in the area, but we can see Kyle Field and the Campus while transiting through. To be considerate of our Texas neighbors, we typically maintain 1,000 feet of altitude or more. If you’d like to see your alma mater from the air, while welcoming the next generation to campus, a helicopter tour is a memorable way to pass the baton.

Industrial, Power Line, & Pipeline Patrols

The fastest and most reliable way to monitor oil and gas pipelines, power lines, and industrial facilities is to inspect them from the air. Our pilots can fly both high-level and low-level operations over pipelines, power lines, and industrial emplacements anywhere in central Texas, offering clear, unobstructed views from the sky. Contact us for details and to work up a flight itinerary.

Texas Ranch and Real Estate Surveys

Many landowners and real estate investors enjoy the one-of-a-kind perspective that aerial surveys provide. With quick and easy access to our airfield from College Station, Houston, and Austin, we can get you out to any one of central Texas’s thousands of farms and ranches within minutes. Flights are completely customizable depending on local regulations and conditions, giving you both a big picture and a detailed view of the property in the same trip. If you’re looking to sell a ranch or a large parcel of land, aerial photography helps get the job done. There’s absolutely no better way to show it off than from the air!

Photo & Video Flights

Photo and video shoots in the helicopter are two of our most requested uses. Get unmatched footage and photos of Houston, College Station, or any of the beautiful Texas landscape and coastline in between from any angle, high or low. We can fly out at any time of day to get you the perfect shot at the perfect time.

Marriage Proposal Flights

For those adventurous ones who wish to ask the bride-to-be to join them for a lifetime adventure – helicopter flights as a proposal are sure to lift her spirits. We’ve done quite a few of these over the years, and so far we running a 100% success rate. You’ve got one shot at this, let her know you’re serious!

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Have a job for HeliBacon? Contact us anytime for details on capabilities, scheduling, rates, protocols, and more.

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Helicopter Tours

A Top-Notch View of Texas!

  • 1/2 hour flight time
  • Maximum capacity – 3 adults + 1 child
  • Popular for Texas A&M Tours


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Helicopter Hog Hunts
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Aerial Machine Gun Range
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Ground Machine Gun Range
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"Fantastic experience. Definitely something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Can’t recommend enough."

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