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January 2015

The Truth About Guns – Review

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Nick Leghorn with TheTruthAboutGuns did a cool review of HeliBacon.

Here is the video from the Helicopter Machine Gun Shoot. Check out for more of their cool reviews. Thanks Nick!



I Love the Smell of Guns and Helicopters in the Morning

I awoke the same way I had countless times before: in a cheap no-frills hotel located in a town I’d never heard of. As predicted, the wake-up call never came and my cell phone’s alarm saved me from over-sleeping. I briefly considered hitting the snooze button and dozing off for another few minutes, but then I remembered why I had driven all this way and only slept around four hours — today was the day I got to shoot stuff from a helicopter . . .


On The Ethics Of Shooting Hogs From Helicopters

As soon as I posted the video of my weekend excursion with HeliBacon, the comments flowed in fast and furious. “Disgusting” one said. “Your a f***ing pussy. Hunt like a real man,” commented another. Another individual stated that my actions have angered an alien race which he worships and that they will similarly hunt me from spaceships with lasers for my crimes. While some of this is the standard response from those who disagree with hunting in any form, the addition of a helicopter and machine guns seemed to tip the scales for some people. So while I have some time, I figured it would be worthwhile to discuss the ethics of hogs, helos, and hunting . . .OK, technically and legally speaking this isn’t hunting — its “herd depredation.” Hogs are a terrible nuisance in the Gulf coast area, and helicopter crews are the most effective way to eliminate the problem. One such company is HeliBacon, founded immediately after the practice was legalized a few years ago by a group of firearms enthusiasts who thought it would be an awesome thing to do and wanted to offer the best experience. It’s expensive ($850/hour), but they offer some of the most hog-infested fields and best toys out there to their clients. Unlimited ammo is included in the price of admission, and upgrades are available — such as machine guns (custom lowers with PWS piston-driven uppers). Coming soon: grenade launchers. Yes, grenade launchers. Because not only do they have a helicopter, but they’re an SOT and have an explosives license as well — one of the owners is former British military and the other runs an unexploded ordnance removal company. Told ya they wanted “awesome.”