Hog Hunting

With the number of hogs throughout Madagorda county growing at an alarming rate, it is up to us to help land owners control the damage done by these destructive creatures. In fb5turn this allows hunters to have an experience like no other. Thus it is our goal at Helibacon to provide a fun yet safe hunting experience.

The hunt will begin the night before with a comprehensive safety course, which we will cover the various aspects of shooting from an aerial platform, as well as the safety factors associated with hunting from a helicopter. The safety course is essential for you the hunter to understand the factors that will make your hunt a successful one. This service is provided at no additional cost.

fb8The morning of the hunt will begin bright and early. And once you’re strapped in it’s “GAME ON”.Our pilot will take you on a ride like no other cruising up to 80 knots at less then 100 feet off the ground. We typically see hogs within the first 10 minutes of being airborne, and luckily, you can shoot as many as you can! During which our ground crew will retrieve as many hogs as possible for trophy shots.

Our staff provides on the spot refueling with our state of the art mobile fuel trailer. This allows us to maximize your time hunting. Also, our hunt sites are rotated to ensure your chances of spotting a large group of hogs is as high as possible. We at HeliBacon cannot guarantee that you will kill a hog, it is hunting, and these animals are very smart. We do promise our staff will do every thing in its power to make your trip memorable. Your entire hunt experience from start to finish will be available for your viewing pleasure on video.

Helibacon is equipped to provide each hunter with a fully out fitted AR-15, complete with ammunition. We hunt on active farms and ranches so it is very important to us that we are as respectful as possible to the land.

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